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Rules Committee

The Rules Committee of the Third Circuit Bar Association focuses on the Court’s local rules of appellate procedure, internal operating procedures, and other circuit-wide rules, procedures, forms and standing orders. The Committee analyzes proposed changes to these rules and procedures, and drafts suggested comments on those proposals for submission to the Clerk by the Association’s Board of Governors. The Committee also attempts to make proactive suggestions, from the perspective of appellate practitioners, for improvement in the Court’s rules and procedures. The Rules Committee works with the Programs Committee, Newsletter Committee, and others to prepare materials, including newsletter articles and CLE presentations, for the education of Association members concerning the Court’s rules and procedures.

The co-chairs of the Committee are Peter Goldberger, a private appellate practitioner in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and Deena Jo Schneider, a partner at Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis in Philadelphia. As of early July 2008, an additional ten Association members, including private and public practitioners from four of the Circuit’s seven districts, had volunteered to participate in the Rules Committee’s work. Below are links to the 3CBA’s public comments on proposed Virgin Islands Local Appellate Rule 112, as well as its public comments on all proposed LAR. Please note that not all of our comments were accepted.

Comments on LAR 112

Comments on LARS

To contact the co-chairs of the Rules Committee:
   Peter Goldberger
   Deena Jo Schneider


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